Project Description

State Road 82 – Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI)

Submitted by the South East Region

Construction Cost $57,485,000
Project Location Fort Myers, Florida
Project Owner Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
Project Designer Dewberry Engineers Inc.
Contractor Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC
Completion Date October, 2019

Aerial view intersection

Project Description

SR 82 is a vital arterial connecting goods and services from the interior of the state to Fort Myers and I-75. High projected traffic volumes, an extremely congested intersection and high accident rate made the widening of SR 82 a priority project for FDOT and local government. This project expands the existing 2-lane undivided rural roadway to a 6-lane divided urban arterial and features the first “Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) in the State of Florida”. The project added capacity, enhanced safety, minimized traffic delays and improved multi-modal connectivity for the community. The CFI concept at Daniels Parkway/Gunnery Road provided an innovative at grade intersection solution to meet the traffic demands at a fraction of the cost of grade separated alternatives.

Project Features

  • Capacity of grade separation with at-grade intersection
  • Ashlar stone 1,340-feet long continuous sound wall
  • New raised median to reduce crossover head- on collisions
  • Reduced conflict points vs. conventional intersection