The purpose of this plan is to provide a concise reference for communication protocol for all members of the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE). This document is a living document with the continuing goal of improving internal communications while promoting efficiency and preventing duplication of effort by members and staff.


ASHE is comprised of three levels of organizational structure, National, Regional and Sections. The National Board is comprised of a governing body to oversee the Regions. Regional boundaries are established by the National Board. Sections are then grouped into appropriate Regions. The Regions have their own governing body to oversee the Sections within their Regions. Sections also have their own governing bodies. See Organizational Chart below. Current office holders are identified on the ASHE web site, see Communications Tools section below.

Flow of Communication

The following notifications and information requests, distributed from National, are to be sent to the attention of Region Secretaries with the National Directors, Region President, and Region Vice President copied for their awareness. It is then the Region Secretary’s responsibility to disseminate this information to their respective Sections, compile responses where applicable, and submit the requested information back to National. The timeline for several of these notifications and requests are provided under “ASHE Calendar” below.

  • Scholarship Totals and Requests for Updates
  • Quarterly Notice on Scanner Articles Due
  • National Board Nominations (2nd VP, Secretary, Treasure, and National Directors)
  • National Award Nominations (MOY, YMOY, Pearson, Lifetime Achievement)
  • Region Reports
  • Section Officers List of President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Constitution/By-laws Communications
  • PR/Marketing Material (future, planned items)
  • Requests for Sponsorship/Exhibitors for National Conferences
  • Request Yearly Update on Region Director Roster for Manual
  • Request Yearly Program Update for Operations Manual
  • Region and Section History Update Requests and Responses
  • ASHE Grant Program Communications
  • Bullet Point Summary of the National Board Meetings
  • Feedback to the Region from National on the Region Reports

The following items from National should be sent directly to the Sections with a copy to the
National Directors, Region President, Region Vice President, and Region Secretary.

  • Dues Assessments
  • Updates to the Database
  • Inquiries to Join ASHE from our Website
  • Request for 990 Forms for all Sections.
  • Guideline Letter to New President/Secretary for Each Section

Communication Tools Available

The following communication tools are available for your use:

  • Officer Email & Telephone information – contact information for Officers & Directors.
  • Information Regarding ASHE Documents is in the Resource Center.
  • ASHE Cloud is available for use. Access is requested by emailing the Technology
    committee chair.
  • If you have any specific questions, they are likely best addressed via email. The ASHE
    Officers are happy to assist with anything that is needed. Correspondences are best
    addressed to the Region Secretary, copying your Region Directors so the inquiry can be
    best routed from there.

ASHE Calendar

Some communications typically occur or are due on the same dates every year. Examples of
these dates include the following:

  • January 15 – Sections/Regions file IRS 1099’s as required
  • January 31 – Sections/Regions submit summary of scholarships awarded for previous
    calendar year
  • January 31 – Sections/Regions submit summary of PDH’s awarded during previous
    calendar year
  • February 15 – Nominations for National Awards (other than Project of the Year) are due
  • June 15 – IRS forms 990 due to National Treasurer
  • July 15 – Report any advertising income to National Treasurer
  • July 31 – National Secretary sends invoices to Sections for member assessments
  • July 31 – Sections to submit summary of membership meetings/programs to National
  • October 1 – Payment due to National for membership assessments
  • December 1 – Nominations due for National Officer positions

The dates listed above may be changed at the discretion of the National Officers and Board of Directors. Dates for other communications vary from year to year and will be established by the National Board of Directors and/or national committee chairs.