Project Description

Vine Expressway (I-676) Bridge Reconstruction Project

Submitted by the Northeast Region

Construction Cost $77,800,000
Project Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Project Owner Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Project Designer Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Contractor Buckley & Company Contractors
Completion Date October 2018


Project Description

This project was the design and reconstruction of seven superstructures carrying local streets and a park over Interstate I-676 (Vine Expressway) in Philadelphia, PA. The project goals were to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety as well as create a new beautiful public park space with amenities for all to enjoy.
Located within the project boundaries are the historic Fairmount Park and the eight-lane Benjamin Franklin Parkway which is traveled by vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Adjacent to the site are cultural institutions including a library, science center, art museum, and
a basilica. Five statues located along the Parkway required protection during construction. One statue required relocation to accommodate local street realignment. Special provisions included building protective shelters around each memorial and sculpture, installing seismograph to monitor construction vibrations, and cleaning and refurbishing the statues.

Project Features

  • Seven superstructure replacements
  • Electrochemical Chloride Extraction (ECE) treatment to remove chloride contamination
  • One bridge carries ten lanes of traffic and a park
  • Numerous pedestrian improvements