Project Description

Route 30 Landslide Remediation

Submitted by the Northeast Region

Construction Cost $7,000,000
Project Location East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Project Owner Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Project Designer Gannett Fleming
Contractor Golden Triangle Construction
Completion Date June 2018

Project Description

This project was the emergency reconstruction of a portion of US Route 30, a key travel artery in suburban Pittsburgh. Subtle slope movement on Route 30 in Allegheny County suddenly became a landslide which sent 300 feet of roadway and thousands of tons of soil plummeting 90 feet down a steep hill, destroying a home and two apartment buildings. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The project consisted of a 400-foot-long retaining wall and 90-foot embankment.  But prior to the construction, a ten-day design effort produced a design utilizing in-stock piling and an around-the-clock work effort.

Project Features

  • LiDAR and drone mapping
  • Excavation, construction and design work proceeded simultaneously
  • Design was based on available structural steel rather than custom orders
  • Numerous pedestrian improvements
  • Three-month to fully re-open Route 30