Project Description

I-64 Exit 296A Ramp Realignment

Submitted by the Old Dominion Section

Construction Cost $917,850
Project Location Chesapeake, Virginia
Project Owner Virginia Department of Transportation
Project Designer Clark Nexsen, Inc.
Contractor Bryant-Ritter Hewitt Electric Corporation
Completion Date August, 2019

Maryland Rt. 32

Project Description

This project was primarily one converting a single lane exit ramp with a right turn slip ramp into a signal-controlled intersection with a right turn lane with storage and primary left turn lane.

The previous ramp configuration for the I-64 eastbound (EB) Exit 296 off-ramp terminated at a stop-controlled intersection at Route 17 Business (17B). The right turning movement was handled by a channelized right turn lane with a 200’ radius also terminating in a stop condition. A study of the intersection of the westbound ramp terminus at Rte. 17B determined the cause of the rate of crashes was related to the channelized right turn lnw and provided solutions for modifying the ramp and intersection to reduce the crash rate while also providing capacity and operational improvement for future traffic conditions. Located in a densely populated residential area of Chesapeake with three primary schools within 2,000 feet of the intersection, improvements to this condition were a top priority for the City of Chesapeake.

Project Features

  • Focused collaboration between VDOT and City of Chesapeake
  • Compressed 18-month project delivery schedule
  • No right-of-way impacts
  • Avoidance of environmental impacts to wetlands directly adjacent to the project improvements
  • Maintenance of traffic on the exit ramp for the
    duration of construction
  • Significantly enhanced safety and functionality of the
    ramp terminal serving three primary schools