ASHE Member Site Survey

ASHE National is considering online options to improve the membership applications/renewals/payments process for Sections and for ASHE National with the primary goals of offering:

  • Online Membership Form
  • Online Payments
  • Simplifying Membership Processes
  • Include event registrations in online account (Under consideration)

One proposed solution will route all new memberships and renewals directly to ASHE National, eliminating the need to maintain separate Section and National rosters.  Outside of sending reminders to renew and tracking down members as needed, the Sections would no longer complete annual assessments or send in new membership forms to ASHE National!

Under this proposed system, new members would be able to submit an online form that feeds the ASHE National database.  During annual assessments, members would log in to their online account to renew their membership, update their contact information, and pay online.   With this system, it is likely that membership fees would be paid directly to ASHE National and then distributed to Regions and Sections as appropriate through electronic means.

It is intended for ASHE Sections to continue to be autonomous outside of membership processes and for this to require few changes to Section websites and event processes.   However, event registrations are another aspect that could be added or included in the updated module/process.

We want to hear from you about what system(s) you currently use and what abilities your section would want to see in such a new system.

Please submit your responses no later than December 6th. 

Please take the survey by December 6th.

Best contact for future coordination (if not you):