ASHE Member Processes Survey

The ASHE National Technology Committee has received requests from several sections regarding the current membership/renewal processes.  Your feedback is requested at this time to help us determine what changes, if any, that should be made at the National level to help improve these processes.

At a minimum, we wish to identify some of the best practices/methods/software that are being used at a section level that are currently used to manage membership process that can be shared with other sections.  We also hope to identify any challenges with the current processes and what improvements you would like to see.

Possible outcomes that have already been requested include the following:

  • Simplifying Membership and Annual Assessment Processes for Sections and National
  • Simplifying Updates to Member Accounts
  • Improved Administrative Dashboards for each Section/National
  • Online Membership Form/Elimination of paper submittals
  • Accepting Online Payments
  • Event Registration Functions
  • Others?

Based on your feedback, we will explore the best way to implement the suggested improvements, as feasible, through modifications to the current Section to National workflow, investing in a third-party software/online database, or  an overhaul of our current National Membership Database.  These requests for changes will be discussed at the next National Board Meeting on April 3-4 in Columbus, OH.

Please submit your responses no later than March 26th. 

    Online Membership Application that simplifies the new member coordination process with ASHE National(required)
    1 (Not Important)2345 (Very Important)n/a

    Simplified Membership Renewal Process (required)
    1 (Not Important)2345 (Very Important)n/a

    Integrated Event Registration (required)
    1 (Not Important)2345 (Very Important)n/a

    Online Payments - from members (required)
    1 (Not Important)2345 (Very Important)n/a

    Individual sections operate independently from one another and offer unique opportunities for sponsorships, unique event types, and different levels of membership costs. The following questions are critical to determine the feasibility of integrating these unique differences into the updated membership site.