2018 Scholarship Award Amounts


2018-2019 Scholarship Totals Scholarships allow ASHE to assist students in the field of engineering. These scholarships are advertised and awarded through the Sections. For more information on available scholarships, check the individual section websites. Congratulations to this year's scholarship recipients! Great Lakes Region Bluegrass $0 Central Dacotah $0 Central Ohio $7,500 Cuyahoga Valley $3,000 Derby City $0 Lake Erie $1,500 Northeast Ohio $1,500 Triko Valley $2,500 TOTAL $16,000.00 Mid-Atlantic Region Blue Ridge $3,500.00 Carolina Piedmont $2,500.00 Carolina Triangle $8,000.00 Chesapeake $10,500.00 Greater Hampton Roads $4,000.00 North Central West Virginia [...]