Project Description

Jones Branch Connector

Submitted by the Potomac Section

Construction Cost $42,100,000
Project Location Fairfax County, Virginia
Project Owner Fairfax County Department of Transportation
Project Designer Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Contractor Archer Western
Completion Date February, 2020

Project Description

The Jones Branch Connector project was an important achievement in the redevelopment of Fairfax County’s Tysons area; literally bridging to connect the two sections of Tysons divided by the Capital Beltway. It marked a milestone in a complex and collaborative effort to improve the transportation network and support a rapidly growing Tysons, while also providing much needed connectivity and additional multi-modal access for all types of commuters—in the present and the future. The purpose of the project was to move more people safely and effectively, but the project also successfully accomplished several other key goals, which will continue to have a positive impact for generations to come. Virginia Department of Transportation District Construction Engineer Bill Cutler called this extensive project a “once-in-a-generation transportation improvement.” With on-road bike lanes, eight-foot-wide sidewalks, connectivity to the Capital Beltway Express Lanes, and even a layout for a future transit in the median, this project was designed for efficiency. The project included widening bridges over the I-495 Outer loop (southbound) and southbound 495 Express Lane as well as designing a new spanning the I-495 Inner loop (northbound) and northbound 495 Express Lanes. Workers installed tall MSE (retaining) walls to the support bridge approaches and other segments of the roadway. This project was a collaborative effort, requiring JMT to work with Fairfax County, VDOT and Archer Western who served as the general contractor. The final cost of the project was approximately $10 million dollars less than estimated and scope changes during construction further resulted in cost reductions throughout

Project Features

  • On-road bike lanes
  • Connectivity to the Capital Beltway Express Lanes
  • Layout for a future transit in the median
  • All metal surfaces were powdercoated
    to match the Tysons-standard color