Project Description

Bell Road Adaptive Signal
Control Technology Pilot Project

Submitted by the Sonoran Section

Construction Cost $2,000,000
Project Location Phoenix, Arizona
Project Owner Maricopa County Department of Transportation
Project Designer Lee Engineering
Contractor Rhythm Engineering
Completion Date October, 2019

Project Description

Bell Road is a critical route for thousands who need to travel across the valley.  The AZTech Regional Partnership’s Bell Road Adaptive Signal Control Technology Project is a project whose goals are to improve traffic flow and provide a seamless commute across multiple jurisdictions; provide more adaptive signal timing to keep up with changing traffic patterns; improve safety by reducing the number of rear-end collisions caused by stop and go traffic; and to decrease pollution by reducing idling time.  The project was conceived because it was evident that constructing an additional travel lane to alleviate congestion was not feasible in the near term. Adaptive signal control technology provids an advanced traffic control system that automatically responds to traffic conditions, and reduces delays while managing queues and improving safety.

Project Features

  • Software Development
  • Hardware installation
  • Software integration
  • Interconnection among several different juristictions