Project Description

The Dublin Link Bridge

Submitted by the Central Ohio Section

Construction Cost $22,437,253
Project Location Dublin, Ohio
Project Owner City of Dublin
Project Designer Michael Baker International
Contractor Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.
Completion Date March, 2020

Dublin Link Bridge

Project Description

The City of Dublin, Ohio is a bustling suburb of Columbus with a population of 50,000. The winding Scioto River traverses the City and there was a need to connect Dublin’s historic district downtown with the new Bridge Park development. The Dublin Link, a suspension pedestrian bridge structure crossing the Scioto
River, meets this need and provides an icon for the City. Notably, the Dublin Link is the longest single-pylon, s-shaped bridge in the world with a graceful 760-ft-long “S” curve alignment.
The superstructure passes through a focal tower element which is a “needle-hole” concrete pylon. The main suspension bridge span is 500 feet long with four 65-ft approach spans. The steel box girder is an asymmetric “V” which changes shape as you cross the bridge and yet still maintains a 14-ft clear deck width from end to end. The tower is 176 feet tall and 110 feet tall from walking surface to the top of the pylon. The bridge features one main suspension cable and with a single plane of hanger cables attaching along only the inside edge of the curved bridge deck.

Project Features

  • Unique keyhole main tower
  • Unique S-Curve alignment