The Mission of the American Society of Highway Engineers is to provide a forum for members and partners of
the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system through education,
innovation and fellowship.


The American Society of Highway Engineers will strive to be the premier Transportation Industry Networking
Organization in the United States. The Society will accomplish this Vision through the following:

  • Increasing ASHE visibility;
  • Promoting careers in the transportation industry;
  • Increasing and expanding membership;
  • Balancing membership diversity;
  • Providing value to its members; and
  • Maintaining ASHE values


Celebration: We are proud of ASHE’s uniqueness & value, diversity, and longevity.

Diversity: We value, respect, and include people from all sectors of the transportation industry. We also
recognize the strength of ASHE lies in differences in membership and innovation within the Sections.

Efficiency: While diversity and innovation are valued within the Sections, we also promote uniformity,
effectiveness, productivity, and proficiency in carrying out the Society’s activities and processes.

Fellowship: We value the opportunity to interact with our members and partners in the transportation industry.

Innovation: We encourage innovation in the transportation industry by providing educational opportunities
and participating in technology sharing with our membership.

Integrity: We will conduct ourselves responsibly, ethically, and honestly.

Leadership: We believe the most effective leadership is manifested through demonstration of the qualities of
honor, respect, fairness, hard work, faith, and good communication.

Quality: We strive for the highest quality in our membership services and partner relationships.

Support: The local Sections are the foundation of the ASHE organization and are critical to the successful
accomplishment of ASHE’s Mission and Vision. The National Leadership and Regional Boards provide the
support to ensure the success and health of all Sections.


Since 1958, ASHE has established itself as the only organization that represents all interests, public and private,
within the transportation industry. Evidence of our success is apparent in the activities and industry interaction
seen throughout the Regions and Sections that comprise the organization. As we look to the future, we must
continue to focus on those strategies that have contributed to the continued success of the organization as we
plan the future stability and growth of ASHE.

The strategies for ASHE’s continued success can be divided into two main focus areas identified as “Outreach”
and “Operations”. Two standing committees will be responsible to oversee and shepherd the implementation
of these strategies through the efforts of other committees appointed by the President. The Strategic Plan
Committee is the President‐appointed committee tasked with leading the effort in identifying the necessary
actions (goals, costs, metrics, and assignments) for implementing the plan, monitoring its progress,
recommending plan changes, and coordinating with the National Board.

The Strategic Plan’s core strategies include:


Core Outreach Strategy 1 ‐ Grow Internally

  • Pursue more diverse membership with all stakeholders in the transportation industry.
  • Foster relationships with government transportation entities.
  • Promote student chapters wherever feasible with our existing Sections.
  • Improve membership retention.
  • Increase membership addition.

Core Outreach Strategy 2 ‐ Grow Geographically

  • Pursue establishment of new sections.
  • Focus on those Regions that are gaining momentum.
  • Take advantage of member talent and professional availability in target locations.

Core Outreach Strategy 3 ‐ Promote and Protect the ASHE Image

  • Market ASHE as the “Premier Transportation Networking Organization” in the Nation.
  • Protect ASHE branding and ensure consistent use throughout the Organization.

Core Outreach Strategy 4 – Be Involved in Community Service

  • Be known as civic leaders in the communities where we operate.
  • Provide scholarships for engineering students interested in pursuing careers in transportation.
  • Make charitable contributions.


Core Operations Strategy 1 ‐ Provide Training and Support

  • Develop and provide training modules (Webinars) for Region and Section leaders
  • Develop and provide leadership training (Webinars & local) for members and students
  • Provide professional development opportunities for ASHE members

Core Operations Strategy 2 ‐ Develop & Practice Communications Plan

  • Stay current & viable ‐ Update websites and data outlets regularly
  • Monitor and improve dissemination of information between National, Regions, and Sections
  • Define the proper chain of command
  • Monitor website links for consistency across the organization

Core Operations Strategy 3 ‐ Improve Efficiency

  • Practice process analysis & improvement
  • Simplify & organize processes
  • Maintain a minimum level of consistency among Sections while encouraging innovation

Core Operations Strategy 4 ‐ Practice accountability

  • Ensure Ethics/Checks & Balances are consistently practiced
  • Perform measured, professional discipline when necessary via the National Board
  • Monitor & survey performance:
    • Regular Section visits/communication by Regional & National Directors
    • Perform Section/Region financial reviews
    • Report Section Health checks to the Board

Core Operations Strategy 5 ‐ Maintain Value

  • Maintain and improve the quality and distribution of the “scanner”.
  • Develop methods of monitoring ASHE perception inside and outside of the organization

Core Outreach Strategy 6 ‐ Provide Educational Opportunities

  • Maintain and improve the quality of Technical Events at the Sections.
  • Maintain and improve the quality of Technical Sessions at the National Conference.
2018-2021 Strategic Plan