2018-2021 Strategic Plan Implementation

The ASHE National Board adopted a three year Strategic Plan (Plan) for 2018-2021.  The Plan establishes a framework for the operation of ASHE as well as set goals and objectives to advance the organization.  The Plan is written to two parts; Outreach and Operations.  As the titles imply, Outreach is where we would like to go and Operations is how we would like to be operating.

The National Strategic Planning Committee (Committee) is charged with monitoring the implementation of the Plan.  To accomplish this, we are asking all of the Sections and Regions to do a self evaluation of how you are implementing the Plan by completing the brief questionnaire below.

For each of the following Strategies of the Plan, please rate your level of implementation on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “have not done anything” to 5 being “fully accomplished.”  Click the number that best applies.  If the Strategy doesn’t apply, click “n/a.”  There are several bullet items listed under each Strategy that help define what ASHE is trying to accomplish with each Strategy.  Please refer to the Plan for these details.  The Plan is posted on the National website.

In addition to the questionnaire, we would welcome your thoughts on the Plan.  Are there areas that should be emphasized?  Areas that should be eliminated?  Items that should be added to future Plans?  There is space provided for any comments you care to offer.  We encourage you thoughts and comments.  They will assist the National Board in developing the next Strategic Plan for 2021-2024.


Thank you in advance for you cooperation.


Jerry Pitzer
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee


Strategy 1 – Grow Internally
Increase diversity of membership, promote student chapter, increase membership
1 (Nothing Different)2345 (Greater than 10% Change)n/a

Strategy 2 – Grow Geographically
Region activity – establish new section - 3 would be working on a new section
1 (Did Nothing)2345 (Section Added)n/a

Strategy 3 – Promote and Protect the ASHE Image
Market ASHE as “Premier Transportation Networking Organization”
1 (Did Nothing)2345 (Marketing Campaign in Place)n/a

Strategy 4 – Be Involved in Community Service
Known as civic leader, provide scholarships, charitable contributions
1 (Did Nothing)2345 (Programs in Place)n/a


Strategy 1 – Provide Training and Support
Provide training opportunities, PDH opportunities
1 (Did Nothing)2345 (Programs in Place)n/a

Strategy 2 – Develop & Practice Communications Plan
Maintain current website, publish newsletter, communicate with membership
1 (No Website)2345 (Current with Frequent Notices)n/a

Strategy 3 – Improve Efficiency
Efficient process in place
1 (Not Efficient)2345 (Operating Efficiently)n/a

Strategy 4 – Practice Accountability
Is there operational transparency?
1 (No Disclosure)2345 (Full Disclosure)n/a

Strategy 5 – Maintain Value
Do members feel they receive value by belonging to ASHE?
1 (No Value)2345 (Worthwhile Being a Member)n/a

Strategy 6 – Provide Educational Opportunities
Maintain or improve quality of technical events
1 (Poor Quality)2345 (High Quality)n/a

Are you aware of this objective? YESNO
Does your section have a membership Chair and/or Committee? YESNO
Did you put in place a new effort to increase membership? YESNO
Did your membership increase last year? YESNO